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Do you feel driven to make the highest possible contribution, while doing it in a way that’s energizing, sustainable and aligned with your true values?

Have you reached a plateau, where your way of working isn’t creating the impact you desire?  Not sure what’s holding you back? 

Are you a leader who doesn’t fit the mold, and you want to leverage your unique strengths while navigating your blind spots?  I will help you create your individual leadership value proposition.

What if you led from a place of authenticity, guided by your inner source of strength, aligned with your true values?

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Since 2015, I’ve been invited to partner as a trusted advisor and coach to amazing entrepreneurs and senior leaders in sales, marketing and healthcare.  Our work together has led to profound shifts in their personal and professional lives. My distinct approach integrates proven coaching principles, the power of nature, along with experiential learning methods.  Clients who collaborate with me experience energized performance, with tangible and sustained results.

Together we’ll create your bespoke coaching engagement based on your distinct needs, combined with my expertise and intuition.  We’ll roll-up our sleeves and begin a transformative journey.

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