Reconnecting for a More Fulfilling Life.

Betsy is a discerning advisor, a creative problem-solver and a patient listener. 

– Ngozi Williams

The Coaching


Having just graduated from college into a pandemic, fresh into a new job, and struggling to balance the demands of adulthood with a keen sense of the loss of my last years of college to the pandemic, I was genuinely struggling with the adjustment into my adult responsibilities.

Entering coaching with Betsy was one of the best things I could have done for myself post-college. Betsy’s incisive and empathetic perspective helped me identify and cut through my self-limiting beliefs and fears of failure and learn how to treat myself well. We developed systems and routines that assisted my organization, goal setting, scheduling, and self-care. At the end of my program, I felt more equipped to advocate for myself at work, more confident and optimistic about where my life was going, and more aligned with my goals and values.

The coaching program elements, especially the nature immersion and the Velocity Intensive, allowed me to dig deep into problems I had that had previously felt unsolvable. Seemingly immovable obstacles, fed by my self-limiting beliefs about my abilities, became easier to circumvent when I had the opportunity to do some guided reflections and internal analysis of my situation.

Coaching with Betsy was one of the best things I could have done for myself. – Ngozi Williams, Engineering Professional 



I learned both how to say no to things, which resulted in the reclamation of much of my free time and the reprioritization of many of my commitments, and how to say yes to things, which gave me the opportunity to participate in more fulfilling work as well as the confidence to pursue a wonderful relationship. These skills have carried me through the months after the end of my coaching engagement and have reverberated through all aspects of my life.

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