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As a corporate leader turned entrepreneur, I provide senior management executives with the clarity and momentum needed to spark positive, long-term behavioral change. My passion involves collaborating with people who are willing to challenge the status quo.

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Do you know what will create tangible results in your performance? Leaders face common roadblocks can can be overcome with transparency, accountability and practical on-the-job-learning. By focusing quickly identifying tipping point behaviors and focusing on positive behavioral change, I facilitate leadership growth.

Leadership is changing. It’s requires practical, on-the-job-learning that most corporate training does not foster. 

Leadership is changing.
It’s requires practical,

My distinct approach integrates proven coaching principles, the power of art and nature, along with experiential learning that results in a radical shift in how executives approach their work and leading their team.

My philosophy is to work “shoulder to shoulder with clients. We’re in this together, designing a solution that’s going to best address your needs and goals.