Leading from a place of strength.

My time working with Betsy has been nothing short of magical.

– Valerie Coleman

The Coaching


When we started, I was in a very confusing place. I had so many thoughts that were holding me back, and Betsy gently brought them to my attention over time in such a kind, understanding way and showed me how I was putting up my own obstacles.  She can read people and empathize with them, but always makes them feel safe with their vulnerability.

One of my favorite things is how she incorporates nature and art into her work. It was so much easier to open up and quickly get to the real topic or issue in these settings. The scenery removes so much noise, and allows you to truly be in the moment and thinking clearly.

My time working with Betsy has been nothing short of magical. – Valerie Coleman, Entrepreneur



During our time at the art museum, I had a breakthrough. Standing in the middle of the museum, staring at an incredible piece of art, I realized exactly how I wanted to run my business. I realized what I wanted to do, how I wanted to present it, who I wanted to work with, and the kind of leader I wanted to be. All of it was immediately crystal clear. There really aren’t words to accurately describe just how moving that moment was. Realizations that would have taken years of trial and error, she pulled out in an afternoon.

My breakthrough happened because of the way Betsy guided me to search myself. We worked on several exercises to help me understand myself as a leader. Her plans were so well thought out and meaningful. She honors and respects her clients in such a beautiful, unique way, and it really sets a solid foundation for deep work and understanding on a whole new level.

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